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How Do Top Dog Minders Help To Gain You Peace Of Mind?

Dogs are for sure man’s best friend. Most dog owners consider their pet dog as a member of their family. Even if you wish to spend every moment with your pet, but that is not possible at all the time. The reason for this may be your work, studies or maybe some other engagements. In these situations, you are bound to leave your dog alone at home. You will not get enough time to look after him. Dogs are attention seekers and they need to be loved. But, if they are all alone on their own then they may get depressed. If top dog minders can be employed for your pet, you can get rid of this concern.

top dog minders

Prime task of dog minders
Anyone can claim to be pet sitter. But, as an owner you should only look for qualified professional. Most likely, it is only the professionals who will be able to pay the worth of your money.

Your dog will receive

  • Feeding: Since they are professionals, they will feed your dogs in a timely way. They understand the health of your dog, so they will also guide you to select right kind of food for your dog.
  • Walking: Top dog minders realize that your dog needs to go out at least once in a day. It is essential for your pet to socialize. If he continues to stay only at home, then he will not be accustomed with the outer world that can make your pet unfriendly. This will make them scared of outsiders and other pets. They might get prone to attack for self-defense.
  • Playing: It is very important to keep your dog active. Top dog minders will involve your dog in interactive play or other right kind of activity that will help them to stay happy and to maintain a good health.
  • Special Attention: Your dog craves for lot of love, care and personal attention from his owner and the care taker. Professionals realize the importance of love and attention for a dog. It plays an important role in the happiness of your dog and his behavior. Thus, he will be loved and cared just like the way you want.
  • Avoid staying in unknown places: If you love your pet then you will not be so comfortable with the idea of keeping your pet in an unfamiliar place. Your dog will never feel as comfortable as he feels at his own home. You will be able to provide all the facilities to your dog within your home.

What are the essential things that you should look in top dog minders?

  • You should always check what sort of professional training he has pursued.
  • In order to learn about his sense of professionalism, you should check whether he is keeping a note of what your dog likes and dislikes, about his food habits, health conditions etc.
  • It is always best if your dog minder have contacts with veterinarians. In case of some emergency, this might turn out to be helpful.
  • He should make sure to provide dog grooming and training sessions.
  • Will he be able to provide a replacement for himself in case he is unavailable at certain occasions?
  • Make sure he signs a proper agreement on paper about the terms and conditions and about payment terms.
  • In case you are going out for few days will he be able to provide live-in service?

From your perspective, you should always try to make your pet as social as possible so that they can allow stranger to look after them. Make sure that you have provided vaccinations to your pet, or else one might be scared. Hiring top dog minders will help you regain your peace of mind.


Guardians for Your Dog While You Are Away

It often happens with dog owners that the family needs a vacation, a well earned break from their daily lives, but they are unable to do so because of the four legged member of the family. Even if they leave their pet with friends or relative, their peace of mind is lost. Several questions keep bothering them. Whether the pet is fed on time? Walked on time? Whether they are getting to sleep inside? Or getting the proper care they are used to?

This is where dog minders come to the rescue: they not only get taken care of by a fellow dog lover, they also follow strict protocols to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

top dog minders

Top dog minders give you back your peace of mind while you’re enjoying a nice holiday with your loved ones. A good dog minder establishment provides the following benefits.

  • The minders are experienced with canines and their behaviors and they are all dog lovers without exceptions. One just cannot be a dog minder without being a dog lover in the first place.
  • The minders are screened according to the guidelines by the parent company before they start handling dogs. A vital part of being a minder. After all who would leave the responsibility of their pet if they are not certain about their abilities?
  • They have your dog/s inside and treat them as a part of his or her family.
  • Minders are qualified to administer medications in case your dog needs it. Most of the top dog minders receive training for administrating medicine or injection as per requirement.
  • They follow your dog’s daily feeding routine and walk your dog every day, as they know the significance of daily walks in a canine’s life. Feeding and walking a dog is very crucial to its well being.

Although dog minders are one of the best ones to look after your dog while you are away, you should do a basic survey of any top dog minders establishment. It is important to learn as much as possible about the prospective minder’s qualifications. Enquire the following:

  • If he or she can provide legal proofs that they have liability insurance covering accidents and negligence.
  • If they are well accustomed to pet behavior and are experienced enough to handle it.
  • If they are able to note behavioral patterns of your pet – such as likes, dislikes, feeding patterns and medical conditions
  • If he or she is associated with a veterinary doctor who can help out during any emergency.
  • If they provide a back up for themselves  if they are suddenly ill
  • If they have a properly fenced backyard that is fully protected as the playground of your dog.

Even with all these preparations and all the above mentioned points ticked out, it can still be difficult even for the most experienced dog minders if you don’t cooperate or keep your end of the bargain. You have an important role to play as the pet owner.

  • Meet up the minder in advance and notice how they interact with your pet. The dog and the minder must be comfortable with each other. A previous meeting can help your dog familiarize with the minder.
  • Maintain proper vaccination of your dog.
  • Provide the minder with detailed pet care and emergency contact information. In case your pet needs medication, give all the necessary directions to the minder.
  • Stock pile on the dog food supplies and keep them all in one easily accessible place.

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