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Cat Boarding – A Best Solution to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety

If you are a cat owner, one or the other day you might have faced a question of what to do with your cat when travelling, in case of illness, or any family emergencies. Some cat owners try to solve this issue by taking their cat with them. But if you’re travelling, some cats may runaway or get travel-induced illness or some hotels may not allow pets. Also, leaving a cat alone at home is a bad idea. If any emergencies such as fire or flood come up, you don’t want your cat to be the victim. Moreover, it can be stressful for your cat to be alone at home. A best solution to this problem is cat boarding. As we all know, cats are not a low maintenance replacements for dogs, cats also require constant care and their health and safety should not be compromised.

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Cat Boarding

How to Find a Great Cat Boarding Facility

Professional cat boarding kennels provide the most secure and safe pet care facility.¬† But, choosing a reliable boarding kennel can be very confusing and challenging. There are some great pet boarding facilities as well as terrible ones. So, to ensure your pet’s safety, here are some of the tips to find good places for your cat while you’re away:

  • Plan in advance and start searching for boarding facility early. Last minute urgency may compromise safety and welfare of your cat. Search online or ask your friends for recommendation to find the best place for your cat.
  • Take a tour and check out the place before boarding your cat. A good cat boarding facility will permit you to see the arrangements and facilities that they provide.
  • Look for their vaccination policies and also know what they do if your cat becomes sick.
  • Ensure that the pet boarding facility is legally licensed. Also, check with some of the other pet boarding facilities and compare the boarding cost to make sure that you’re not overcharged.
  • It is better to opt for a place where they board only cats. A facility that boards both cats and dogs is not ideal especially if your cat doesn’t like other animals. But if you do choose a place that boards both, make sure the cats and dogs are in separate areas.
  • Check the daily routine at your cat boarding facility. An ideal boarding facility includes cleaning, feeding, playing, and monitoring.
  • It will be very helpful if you’re allowed to bring the type of litter that your cat is comfortable with. Because some cats may refuse to use the litter box if the litter is different from the usual one.
  • Make sure they provide good medical care and the staff members are well trained and aware of the proper dosage.
  • Some cats may not eat if they become so upset due to the place change. Ask your facility how do they handle such a situation? Also, see if you’re allowed to bring some food for your cat.
  • If the layout where cats stay has a bad smell, then it’s not a good sign. So, make sure the place is clean and well maintained and also free of parasites.
  • When you’re touring a cat boarding place, pay attention and notice if there are any sick cats in the boarding region. There should be a separate place for sick cats.
  • Make sure the boarding unit has good ventilation. Also, the cage should be multi leveled so that your cat can freely move and play.

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Cat Boarding

Keep all these points in mind to make sure your cat is safe and secured. Cats actually do well if the cat boarding facility provides comfort and well trained/caring staff members.