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Air Conditioner Features Available in Cars for Better Internal Car Environment

Car air conditioning is one of the features of the car these days. These air conditioning systems are used to keep the air inside the car at its purest and clean. The car air conditioning system uses less power. Therefore it automatically increases fuel consumption of the car. Your car air conditioning requires daily and monthly maintenance with high-quality professional help. In case of any malfunctioning of the car air conditioning, you can go for checking the car hoses, the sensors, the condensers, and the compressors to initiate high-quality airflow inside the car.

car air conditioning campbellfield

Car Air Conditioning

Working of A Car Air Conditioning System

The principles on which the air conditioning works are as follows-

  • Evaporation- it is done by a device named evaporator that looks like a car radiator. It works on the system of pressure. A low-pressure refrigerant is introduced inside the evaporator which vaporizes and absorbs heat from the compartment where the passenger sits.
  • Condensation- it is done by the device which condenses air by high pressure by changing it to liquid. It is placed in the car’s radiator. The vapor when condensed to a liquid due to high pressure and lead to release a great deal of heat.
  • Compression- compressor is the workhouse of the car air conditioning systems. This is directly connected to the engine.
  • Expansion- the pressurized vapor from the receiver driver is made to flow to the expansion valve. This removes pressure and thus leads the air to the evaporator.

Why is It Necessary to Have Car Air Conditioning System?

  • Car air conditioning cools the vehicle and absorbs the occupants inside the vehicle which is the main advantage.
  • With high-quality car air conditioning system, you sometimes also get the facility to re-gas your car’s air conditioner and also fix the entire system if it is not blowing hot air.
  • It filters up pollutants and the particles which are airborne so that it does not affect the health of the passengers.
  • The air conditioning system uses power from the engine itself for its working which leads to its proper working.
  • Presence of an air conditioning system in a car adds a mark of a luxurious car in the society.
  • With the reducing temperature of the car inside, it helps the driver as well as the passengers a better driving as well as traveling experience.
  • It increases the aerodynamic property of the car which keeps the environment inside the car at the optimum level and provides safety of the passengers.
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Car Air Conditioning

Disadvantages of Car Air Conditioning System

  • It leads to excessive cost. Due to its power consumption, the fuel costs increases and so does the money expenses.
  • The air conditioning system has to be regularly been serviced otherwise it might lead to some disturbances in the car itself. Thus, maintaining the conditioning system of the car is difficult and expensive.
  • In case the compressor does not work, it might also make a terrible rattling sound to disturb your driving experience.
  • Requires a lot of power to work on. Thus, this power comes from the fuel which is present for the working of the car. Excessive use might cause excessive use of fuel and pollution indirectly.
  • Due to its absorption feature, it some leads to excess absorption which might lead to dry conditions inside the car which is very uncomfortable and suffocating.

You can now switch to environment-friendly models of car air conditioning systems to enhance the interior quality of your car. There can be a case of a blocked condenser or a disturbed fan and cooling compressor when you have hot air running through the entire car body system.