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Amazing Benefits Of Choosing Asphalt Driveways

There are many options available when you are planning to have a new driveway or re-pave an old one. But without any haste and confusion, you must first understand the options in detail and then make a decision to select the best paving surface. The most common options which are also cost-efficient are Asphalt driveways and concrete driveways; both of these materials offer their own advantages. So here are explained some important advantages of selecting your driveway material to be of asphalt over other surfaces:

1. Easy Maintenance

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt Driveways

The maintenance of Asphalt driveways is quite simple and quick. You just have to regularly sweep off the debris and use a protective seal coating over the surface every 2-3 years which can help it last for decades. Also, due to the dark color of asphalt, it also helps absorb heat and melt the snow faster during winters as compared to concrete driveways. It is also flexible which means it is more durable to seasonable climatic changes.

2. Durable

The material called asphalt is quite weather resistant and can be customized to designs for low and even high traffic areas and conditions. It is made in such a pattern that it can bear any kind of harsh climatic conditions. They can be designed to withstand really heavy storms or snowfall along with the required traffic conditions. In short, they can be custom designed to fit your requirements and specific purpose.

3. Fast And Easy To Install

Asphalt driveways are the ideal type of driveway material that you should prefer to install as they are very easy to install. Also, the process of installation won’t take longer than a few days and later a few days to allow it to become curable. All this will overall take less time as compared to the installation and curing of concrete driveways which is usually more than a week.

4. Cost-effective Alternative

The material of asphalt is a low-cost one, not just the basic cost but also considering other factors right from purchasing it to the completion of the construction process. It is easy and fast to use which saves the time that is invested by the public and government contractors. And time saved is as good as money saved. Asphalt driveways take lesser time to finish and dry after the installation process which means this will avoid blocking highways or roads for too long.

5. Doesn’t Crack

There is a particular process which is to be followed while installing concrete driveways to prevent it from cracking. Also, there is a whole process after the installation as well for the curing of concrete so that it doesn’t crack. But cracking in asphalt paving is not so common because of its flexibility.

6. Simple Repair

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveways can be repaired rather easily and quickly than any other alternative available for driveways. Moreover, asphalt has a black surface which means the repairs are less visible than those on a concrete driveway. The black surface is even less likely to catch stains from cars or any other parked vehicles. Also, if there are any small cracks, they can be repaired very easily on your own.

7. Recyclable

Asphalt is a recyclable material as it can be used and reused any number of times, which implies that they have an infinite life. This feature is something that makes asphalt so different and popular construction material nowadays. It also doesn’t create much waste; that means it is also healthy for the environment as it won’t be flowing into the waterways. It turns into solid pretty fast which will leave no worries even if spilled.

So these are some of the very interesting and important advantages of having Asphalt driveways.


Asphalt is less likely to develop cracks as compared to the concrete driveways because it is a petroleum product. You will, however, need to ask the potential contractors about the thickness of the base or whether they recommend applying a layer of asphalt over the old driveway.