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How to Find the Most Suitable Cat Boarding

Your cat is your family member. Taking proper care of it is one of your fundamental duties. Hence, when you plan to travel outside, it becomes very important to put your darling bundle of joy in the best possible cat boarding. But with so many catteries being around, it is difficult to find out the suitable one.  So you need to follow some basic steps which would automatically lead you to finding out the best cat boarding.

cat boarding melbourne

Ensure that your cat does not escape
This is a very basic requirement. You must check the following:

  • The cat boarding should have individual units for the cats. Such units should be devoid of holes so that cats cannot squeeze out.
  • There should be a safety corridor outside every unit of the cat. However, the outside door and the inside one should be alternately opened. This corridor has to be handled very carefully by the trained staff; any negligence can make a cat run away if both the doors are left open.

Ensure that your cat remains warm
You need to ensure the comfort of your cat. Outdoor settings can be very refreshing for your cat where it can stay in a healthier manner. Your cat should ideally have a cozy bed and also a heater inside the unit for the times when it is too cold.

Ensure that your cat does not fall ill
You should see to it that that your cat does not suffer from any disease which may be viral or bacterial. The well-being of your cat should be emphasized in the cat boarding that you select. If a number of cats share the same room, chances of spreading the disease increases. Hence, the management of the cat boarding and also its design become very important. You can check the following:

  • Although there is no problem in having individual cat units one beside another, but those should have a strong barrier in between. Such a barrier is called a ‘sneeze barrier’.
  • It is important to notice that the cattery does not allow a number of cats to mingle with one another. All cats are not fond of sharing space with other cats they do not know.
  • The cat boarding should ideally ask for all the vaccination certificates of your cat. This kind of awareness should be there in the cat boarding that you choose for your cat.
  • You must also see that the place where you decide to leave your cat is clean and completely disinfected. The cattery should not be smelly and cleanliness should be maintained meticulously.

Ensure that you cat can move freely
The cat boarding should ideally allow your cat to move freely. Good cat boarding will let the cats have their individual runs and facilities for sunbathing. Moreover, you must also check whether the staffs provide the cats with objects to play.

Ensure that your cat can relax
If your cat gets familiar bedding and toys, it will feel comfortable. Moreover, a good cat boarding will see to it that cats get higher places to sit since they love to sit on a height.  A shelf and a run will provide a lot of comfort to your cat than a bed on the ground.

In order to find the best cat boarding for your cat, you need to examine these factors which are indeed very important. Once you are satisfied with the service and the thought that they will keep your cat safe and happy, you can approach that cat boarding for keeping your cat when you are away.

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Finding the Right Boarding kennel For Your Pet

You require a boarding kennel for the good health of your pet, and ensure that they are habituated to being alone, for at least some time during the day. These kennels are usually set up in huge areas like the garden or somewhere outside the house of the proprietor. However, they should not be chosen on the basis of designs only, as there are many other factors that need to be considered.

boarding kennel

The health of your dog is one of the most vital factors to be evaluated while choosing a kennel. It is very easy to get carried away by fancy looking kennels, which may lack safety and hygiene features for your pet. Since your pet would be spending at least some part of the day in that boarding kennel, hygiene factors should not be ignored. And if it is for a few days or weeks, then it is a reason of concern all the more. The kennel should be well ventilated so that your pet does not feel very warm or suffocated. There should be comfortable bedding, and you should keep the kennel dry at all times. These factors are vital to make the dog feel at home in the kennel, instead of trying to be indoors all the time.

The kennel should be made of weatherproof materials and have sufficient insulating features so that the interiors remain cool during summers and warm during winters. Look for places that keep the entrance of the boarding kennel on the opposite side of the prevailing wind. The kennel should be located appropriately to ensure that your pet is able to get under shade, and it is best to place the kennel near a wall or a tree. The ambience should be friendly and warm with pet toys available and option to interact with other dogs.

Apart from these factors you should also ensure that the kennel has apt nutritious diets provided for the pets, along with a water bowl placed, which should be filled regularly, and is a crucial part of the kennel set up.

You can use a raised wooden floor in the boarding kennel because it is more hygienic and warmer compared to bedding or bare dirt. If you are placing bedding in the kennel then you should use straw or blanket. Regular changing of the bedding is required to keep fleas and parasites at bay.

Outdoor or indoor
Usually the best position for the outdoor boarding kennel would be an enclosed yard, which should have fencing to prevent your pet from jumping out. The traditional kennels had chains to prevent the dogs from digging their way out, but it is a better option to secure the fence rather than chaining your pet. But these days more kennels are made indoor because they feature integrated wire netting run to allow the pet with more frequent movements. Indoor kennels are also more easily maintained, cleaned and the staff can provide the best attention to all dogs.

The boarding kennel should be chosen with the motive of allowing your pet to enjoy playing in the garden, and taking rest when required. Hence you should make sure that the above mentioned factors are taken care of. This would give your pet the liberty to play around, without you worrying about it being thirsty, tired, or needing a place to take shelter.

Keeping these factors in mind when choosing the right boarding kennel would mean that your pet is happy in your absence while their physical and mental health is also taken care of.

Guardians for Your Dog While You Are Away

It often happens with dog owners that the family needs a vacation, a well earned break from their daily lives, but they are unable to do so because of the four legged member of the family. Even if they leave their pet with friends or relative, their peace of mind is lost. Several questions keep bothering them. Whether the pet is fed on time? Walked on time? Whether they are getting to sleep inside? Or getting the proper care they are used to?

This is where dog minders come to the rescue: they not only get taken care of by a fellow dog lover, they also follow strict protocols to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

top dog minders

Top dog minders give you back your peace of mind while you’re enjoying a nice holiday with your loved ones. A good dog minder establishment provides the following benefits.

  • The minders are experienced with canines and their behaviors and they are all dog lovers without exceptions. One just cannot be a dog minder without being a dog lover in the first place.
  • The minders are screened according to the guidelines by the parent company before they start handling dogs. A vital part of being a minder. After all who would leave the responsibility of their pet if they are not certain about their abilities?
  • They have your dog/s inside and treat them as a part of his or her family.
  • Minders are qualified to administer medications in case your dog needs it. Most of the top dog minders receive training for administrating medicine or injection as per requirement.
  • They follow your dog’s daily feeding routine and walk your dog every day, as they know the significance of daily walks in a canine’s life. Feeding and walking a dog is very crucial to its well being.

Although dog minders are one of the best ones to look after your dog while you are away, you should do a basic survey of any top dog minders establishment. It is important to learn as much as possible about the prospective minder’s qualifications. Enquire the following:

  • If he or she can provide legal proofs that they have liability insurance covering accidents and negligence.
  • If they are well accustomed to pet behavior and are experienced enough to handle it.
  • If they are able to note behavioral patterns of your pet – such as likes, dislikes, feeding patterns and medical conditions
  • If he or she is associated with a veterinary doctor who can help out during any emergency.
  • If they provide a back up for themselves  if they are suddenly ill
  • If they have a properly fenced backyard that is fully protected as the playground of your dog.

Even with all these preparations and all the above mentioned points ticked out, it can still be difficult even for the most experienced dog minders if you don’t cooperate or keep your end of the bargain. You have an important role to play as the pet owner.

  • Meet up the minder in advance and notice how they interact with your pet. The dog and the minder must be comfortable with each other. A previous meeting can help your dog familiarize with the minder.
  • Maintain proper vaccination of your dog.
  • Provide the minder with detailed pet care and emergency contact information. In case your pet needs medication, give all the necessary directions to the minder.
  • Stock pile on the dog food supplies and keep them all in one easily accessible place.

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How Dog Day Care Can Help You?

Dogs are one of the most common house pets. They require a lot of heed and attention and as an owner, it is necessary to devote them enough time. If you work for long hours and return home late with a loved one at home, you may find a house with a lot of destruction and a very unhappy pet to deal with. So to keep your home safe and provide your pup plenty of attention and love it deserves, Doggy day care is a good option on which you can count on.

Animal day center is specially designed to help keep your creature entertained and provide it properly. Your love will be enjoying a very good and luxurious time in such shelter homes. The shelter facilities for an animal which are probably equipped with food supplies, entertainment, option and playing with other species in such day concern centers. The place provides the special treatment for your dog for hair grooming, nails clipping and other such to keep them in healthy condition. If required, the pet handling homes can clean them to provide shampoo services as well.

Costs for equipped Doggy day care can vary greatly from one city to another. The package costs also vary according to dissimilar features offered.  Some of the facilities offered at distinct homes for the animals are optional which one can cut off those services to reduce some cost for treatment and training places. Mostly actual day place price can range from $10 to $50 varying as per the services opted by the pet. Therefore one can conduct a little search on the internet to find best and most affordable place to leave the little masters for some fun and learning.

Before opting for a Doggy day care, you must know that there are actually two types of centers. Initially first type is private while other one are commercial. The private is quite cheaper than commercial centers which have more facilities and sophisticated ambiance. Private homes are considered good which offers the great human attention and interaction. Commercial centre is a place where the pet enjoys in others company and peacefully spend time.

If you are looking a suitable shelter for your place then be clear about various characteristics of pets and their sustainance levels. Little research and knowledge in several locales will greatly help in finding an pet place on which the masters can depend.

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