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Usages of Fire Bricks in Outdoor Pizza Oven

Creating a wood fired outdoor pizza oven might be a very exciting and rewarding project that any person can undertake in their backyard. A wood fired pizza oven has been around for hundreds of years and off late they have gained considerable popularity all over the world.

Misconceptions about the Outdoor Pizza Oven
There are a few misconceptions regarding how the wood fired ovens actually work and this might result in you using wrong materials for building the floor and walls of the oven. The most common mistake made by the people is in terms of the bricks which are used in the construction. A lot of people are under the impression that the wood fired pizza oven should be made with the help of insulating the fire bricks. This will trap the heat from the fire within the cooking area. Although you will need the oven to be insulated, these are not the right bricks to use.

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Cooking in Outdoor Pizza Ovens
The notion of cooking in an outdoor pizza oven is pretty simple. Wood is burnt in the oven for some time and the heat from the fire is absorbed by the floor and the oven walls. When the floor and walls of the oven have attained the required temperature, the fire dies and then it is pushed to one side. Then you are required to put in the roast, pizzas, bread and all that you want to create. The heat that is captured in the bricks on the floor is conducted into the base of the pizza making it crispy. The heat absorbed by the walls is then radiated on the sides and the top of the food, making the dish perfect.

If the floor and walls of the oven are to soak sufficient heat for a long time in order to cook the pizza, they have to be dense. The greater the density of the brick in the outdoor pizza oven, the more heat it absorbs. Low density, lightweight and insulating brick is a good insulator, but it does not hold a lot of heat because it is not dense. If the outdoor wood fired oven is of good quality, it has to be made of dense fire bricks so that the oven stays hot for a long time.

What to Do for Good Cooking
A dense fire brick with the size of a standard house brick weighs approximately 3.5kg, while an insulating fire brick will weigh around 500 g. The latter is the easiest method. If you create an oven of your own using dense fire bricks of high quality, it will take more than an hour to heat up appropriately. However, the outdoor pizza oven that is built can sustain high temperatures for over 24 hours. Hence, you can cook your pizza at 850 degrees Fahrenheit and bake bread in the same oven the next morning. If these are built appropriately, the pizza ovens can last for a long time to come.

The outdoor pizza oven offers a great cooking experience with rich aroma that comes from the hardwood. This relaxes the mind of the consumer and it offers them new experience. The wood fired pizza ovens present a stunning experience and makes the pizza attractive for one and all. These ovens take barbecuing and grilling to another level and it offers immense excitement. These ovens are ideal for cooking and preparing bread and pizzas of all sorts. The resulting dish that is prepared here not only entices the senses, but it also wraps the pizza in a smoky flavor, making it unforgettable.


How to Build Wood Burning Oven?

Today you can cook food in many different kinds of ovens like electric ovens, gas-heated ovens, etc. but wood burning ovens are still the best option for outdoor cooking. People not having this option at their homes also wish to have it. It does not cost too much money to build a wood burning oven since the material for making this oven lies under your feet. The wood burning oven is prepared from fine soil and although cost-effective, it is not an easy task to build one. Many people take a whole life to learn to prepare a perfect oven. Here you will find the steps to prepare a wood burning oven.

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Prepare perfect base
Before you start building a wood burning oven, you should collect some tools like shovel, wheelbarrow and a few buckets to remove dirt out of the building spot. This is the time to prepare a very basic part of this oven. The base should be strong enough to provide perfect heat from below so that you can build a better quality oven to cook food in. Now take some hard rocks, broken concrete and other materials to prepare the base. The base of the oven should be at a good height from the earth because this type of ovens provides service for years. Fill it with as many hard things as you can in the base so that it can get a tough form for producing more heat.

Build wood burning floor
After creating the main base of the wood burning oven, you should plan the preparation of at least 30-inches wood burning floor. It is the main floor of your oven, where you will burn wood and get heat from it. At the base of the wood burning floor you can set fire bricks, which can bear a great amount of heat and also releases good heat to heat up the whole oven. These bricks should be situated deep in the earth to cover more heat. After you have set the bricks perfectly, it is time to increase another level in the wood burning oven. Now you have to spread sand over the bricks and complete the wood burning level. As you complete this level, half your work is done because a perfect base is the main key to a wood fire oven.

Build wood burning oven
Once the base is completely prepared, you should go ahead with making the upper shape of the oven. It is the main space where heat rotation occurs. First of all get clay and wet it. After that, prepare a thick blend of soil and sand and then start building the upper shape of the oven. For a larger oven you may need a frame, and a steel frame can be used. Now, slowly complete the whole structure and leave some space empty at the front for release of smoke. In this way, the upper shape of your oven will be completed.

Working way of wood burning oven
The process of cooking food on the wood burning oven is really very simple. First you have to take some woods or coal and set it right inside the oven. Now, simply burn it and wait for some time. Once it starts burning with good heat, you can put your uncooked pizza at the left side of the burning wood. Now leave it for some time. You pizza will be cooked by the heat rotation process and you can soon enjoy it with your family.  The wood burning oven offers wonderful cooking facility and is really a very cheap but effective option for cooking food at outdoor locations.

Different Types of Pizza Oven Accessories

Pizza today is a common dish across the world. Most of the people have pizzas in their breakfast. Therefore, the sales graph for Pizza oven accessories have also reached quite a peak. Almost every Household, Restaurants and Catering services own a pizza oven as well as its related accessories to ease their job while baking a pizza for their customers or guests.

Pizzas accessories available for making pizzas:

There are certain Pizza oven accessories which should be available for baking a pizza. These include:

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  • Charcoal starter: This is a container where the charcoal is filled in and its technology acts as a catalyst to fire up the charcoal. This may or may not require a starting fluid. The charcoal starters reduce the time needed to light up the charcoal.
  • Wood chunks: The wood chunks sound weird but this is an important Pizza oven accessory and is used to give a flavour to the pizza. Tastes vary with people and so do their preferences. The wood chunks can be used according to the taste buds of the guests.
  • Oven door: Other important types of Pizza oven accessories are the oven door. It is made of cardboard and is used to cover the ovens when in use or when not in use.
  • Baking steel: This is a round steel base used to provide higher temperature in the oven. The heat is radiated very rapidly and it provides a hot roof temperature to the oven dome which makes the toppings of pizzas crispy.
  • Pizza pan: This is a metallic pan to cook and serve the pizza. The size of the pan varies according to the pizza size as small, medium and large. It is one of the most sought after Pizza oven accessories.
  • Pizza Shovel: Pizza shovels are used is cook pizza if chosen for bare cooking directly on fire or serving the hot pizza after it’s cooked. This shovel has along handle to keep the hands away from fire. It has a chamfered edge to ensure that the dough can easily slide thorough perfectly.
  • Infrared Thermometer: This is a handy tool that is used to measure the stone and roof temperature inside the pizza oven, during the process of cooking. The fire light and the insulation of the oven can be taken care accordingly, depending on the temperature measurement. A proper temperature is the most vital parameter for the pizza to come out best.
  • Pizza peel: This is used to cut and serve the pizza, after it is baked and is ready as per the order placed. Be it a restaurant or home, a proper pizza peel is essential to cut out the perfect triangular piece out of the whole and place it on the plate.
  • Pizza spinners: Spinning the pizza bread while it is being cooked ensures that the cooking is done uniformly throughout. These pizza spinners are used to spin the pizza when it is inside the oven. They usually have an elongated handle to maintain safety while spinning the hot pizza.
  • Gloves: The smell of a baking pizza is always tempting! As the cooking process is on, the plates wait eagerly for the first piece, followed by pairs of eyes awaited at the plates. The pair of gloves is the only tool that helps in taking out the pizza tray or shovel out of the oven.
  • Cleaning brush: The left over ashes and pizza bits inside the oven needs to be cleaned so that the next pizza goes in fresh and in a hygienic manner. So, the cleaning brush is used to clean the grill grates and the walls of the oven.
  • Oven rake: This is a metal rake whose head is used to remove objects such as wood, ash and pans. This tool has a long handle to maintain safety.