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6 Essential Steps to Change Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filters

If you own a motor vehicle you might have a basic idea about the vital fluids of a vehicle. The key functions are cleansing and lubrication. However, the fluid also attracts and gathers metal shavings and dirt over time and ends up circulating through the machine. The debris into your vehicle can affect your car and therefore you can see many transmission fluid service providers who flush the dirt or debris before pouring the fluid into your vehicle.

Fluid change is essential for your vehicle and it enhances the performance and boosts the capability of your car. In case, your vehicle features transaxles/ automatic transmission, you should look out for a fluid change every 30 months. The discussion will highlight on 8 essential steps that will help you to learn to change ATF easily. If you want to DIY, you shouldn’t miss this post.


Transmission Fluid

Step 1

Learning to change automatic transmission fluid service can turn out to be beneficial in many ways. If you are willing to learn the process of changing automatic transmission you need an ATF kit and some basic tools at first.

Transmission fluid passes well in the operating temperature and makes your vehicle idle for some moment. Now turn the ignition off and secure it, law down some tarp and place some newspaper or cardboard under two-gallon catch plan.  Now you have to slowly remove the bolts from the transmission pan. Be careful about fluid and hot exhaust pieces.

Step 2

The second step of transmission fluid service is to remove all the bolts from your vehicle and it will make the pan tilted that will help to drain the fluids. When you finish removing all the bolts you have to lower the pan and that will pour the remaining fluid into the catch pan. You might have to break the gasket seal if it is necessary.

Step 3

Now you have to cleanse the surfaces of the gasket on both transmission housing and the pan.  The next step is to inspect the pan for any type of internal harm and others and then you can clean it with solvent. Now remove the previous O-ring and transmission filter. Place the drain pan below as it contains fluid.

Transmission Fluid and Filter

Transmission Fluid and Filter

Step 4

Now the time has come to install the new transmission filter ensuring that you have placed the O-ring seats accordingly. Connect the newly brought Gasket to the pan along with oil-soluble grease. Many people tend to use adhesive or gasket sealer; however, we suggest you not to do that.

Step 5

You have almost completed the transmission fluid service and you have to look at the manual for the transmission pan bolts. Now torque the pan bolts to spec spirally beginning at the midpoint. You have to remember that the maximum torque is set at 12 pounds/ft. You are almost done, and you have to lower your vehicle to pour the suggested amount of fluid into your car.

Step 6

Congratulations, you have successfully done your transmission fluid service and you have to check for leakage. Start your vehicle and wait for a few minutes. Now turn off your vehicle and check for leakage, check all gears and dipstick when the engine is idle. If you can follow the instructions carefully, we hope that you won’t face any problems while changing auto-transmission fluid and filters.


We hope that you have gained a fair idea on how to change automatic transmission fluid and filters. Now service your car on your own. Changing the auto transmission fluid is often termed as a tough job and if the steps mentioned above can help you to save your money and time, we will be the happiest.


Various Benefits That You Can Get From Truck Transmission Repair

Without a doubt, having a vehicle provides a lot of comforts and can also be a source of income for many. There are so many vehicles which are driven to provide transport facilities to other people, some vehicles are used to take things from one place to another and some for the personal use. Vehicles make life comfortable only till it starts showing problems which you can avoid only by getting your vehicle serviced on time. There are many important parts, the repairing process of which are very long and exhausting, but also takes a lot of money. For Eg: truck transmission repair is very expensive to repair that you will do to your truck. Sometimes the price which you have to pay for the truck transmission repair may cost you more than the price you have paid while buying the truck. Yes, this much expensive it can get. But this doesn’t happen with all, it depends on the condition of the truck but yes, there is something which is for all and that is the benefits which you can get from the truck transmission repair. Have a quick tour of the points mentioned below for generating a better understanding

Benefits Which You Can Get From The Truck Transmission Repair:

Truck Transmission Repair

Truck Transmission Repair

  • There may occur a lot of problems such as fluctuation of headlights, fluid leakage and much more when the transmission is not in the right condition or it didn’t get fixed properly. Therefore, it is very important that the truck transmission repair is done by an expert professional. This way you can rest assured that the problem would go away and you won’t have to suffer in the future as well.
  • There are a lot of problems which you may face if the transmission is not in the right condition. One of the problems is the fluctuation of headlights. During the night, it is very important that your vehicle’s headlights are in the right condition. Else, it may further cause you many other related Well, such problem can be solved in your truck by truck transmission repair. It completely depends on you whether you want to get the transmission repaired or want to do it on your own. There are various sources from where you can actually get proper knowledge about truck transmission repair but we would advise you to get it done from a certified truck transmission repair mechanic.   
  • Once you get truck transmission repair done, you will be able to shift the gears easily. This doesn’t only help in the proper and smooth functioning of the truck but your journey also remains peaceful.
  • When you get truck transmission repair, many things start getting back on track. When the transmission is in the right condition, you have a better control over the truck and it runs smoothly. Also, it can be an indication as well. Whenever you feel like the tires of your vehicle are not moving with a good control, you should know there is some problem in your vehicle which you need to get fixed as soon as possible.

Whom To Trust For Truck Transmission Repair?

Truck Transmission Repair

Truck Transmission Repair

Most of the times, we in order to save money hire a local mechanic and then cry over the regular visit to the mechanic for several other problems. Whenever there is some internal issue in your vehicle you should always visit a professional as he may be able to fix the problem in lesser time and the truck transmission repair would be done properly.

These were some of the benefits of getting the truck transmission repair from an expert. We hope that you liked our post and it helped in solving your queries in resolving truck transmission repair.

Common Signs Indicating Generator Repairs and Importance of Generator Maintenance

Generators are your best friend during power cuts since it saves you from the discomfort that you might experience due to sudden power supply cut and non-functioning of your electronic devices, and almost every other commodity present in your home or s the office that requires electric power supply to operate. Think of a sudden power cut, and it can put a break to your daily work schedule either home or at the office, and that nonworking one hour can affect your entire day’s plan. Therefore, you have to accept that generator comes as your savior under such unwanted circumstances. However, lack of maintenance and routine check can call for critical conditions and breakdown of your savior when you are in dire need. Therefore, to avoid costly generator repairs, it is essential to make sure that you get routine maintenance checks of your generator since it can help you in a multiple ways.

Generator repairs

Generator Repairs

Avoid Fuel Problem

Continued use without proper maintenance can lead to various fuel related issues in generators, leading to functioning problems or even sudden breakdown. To prevent issue s like clogged fuel injectors, algae formations within the fuel system, or even dead batteries, you must need to ensure routine maintenance.

Maintenance Enhances Efficiency

Although it is needless to say that proper and routine maintenance of any machine enhances its efficiency level. However, many people do not pay attention to generator maintenance until they face a sudden breakdown or significant repair condition. Proper and regular maintenance:

  1. Saves expenditure of a money for major repair issues since it avoids major risks at the initial
  2. Improves the efficiency of the generator and enhances the longevity of the machine.
  3. Ensures that you get the required services for your generator when you need it.
Generator repairs Melbourne

Generator Repairs

Signs that Indicate Generator Repairing

Many time, people do not understand the need for maintenance in case of generators and tend to neglect routine maintenance check to save few bucks. However, these little savings make way for huge expenditure. However, if you own a generator in your home or office, you must be aware of specific common signs which indicate immediate notice and repairing of your generator.

  • Since generators are located outside, they are subjected to outside weather conditions like rains, storms, extensive heat of the sun more often lead to losing parts, dents or cracks. Therefore, it gets essential to keep an eye on such external signs which may lead to major repair requirements later.
  • Nowadays, a technical niche in every machine have advanced a lot and in most generators nowadays. You must also run a routine check for leakage or fuels which is highly flammable as well as leakage of coolant which is toxic in nature.
  • Even slow startup time is a point of concern since generators are likely to start within few moments right when they are put on. However, if you find a delay of 5 to 10 minutes, it is something you should bring to the notice of your technical team.
  • Besides, you must also check for signs or abrasion in wires, buttons or other components.

Nowadays, there an auto check feature integrated in new and advanced generators. As per this auto check, it is scheduled to run an auto system check at a regular interval which could be weekly, twice a month or whatsoever to ensure there is no problem with the system. If there is an issue, you are immediately alerted. However, if your generator is not equipped with auto check built-in system, you need to run a manual check to ensure the system runs fine.

This blog written for the reader to provide useful information about generator repairs. If still want to know more then Click here and get more about Generator repairs and Generator maintenance.

Reasons for Opting for Diesel turbo and its Maintenance

Diesel turbo is a diesel engine which is fitted with a diesel turbo. They work out to be a preferred choice among all owners of vehicles, be it a car or even a truck. This is due to the fact that diesel turbo offers multiple benefits like lower levels of emissions, higher outputs of power and efficiency gets improved to a large extent. Turbo works out to be a clean and healthy choice for all vehicle owners. This is one of the reasons it has gained popularity with the passage of time.

diesel turbo

Diesel Turbo

The Multiple Reasons for Opting for Diesel Turbo

Let us look at some of the reasons diesel turbo works out as an ideal option.

  • Anyone on the lookout for a better mileage can opt for turbo diesel. As they produce less heat they tend to be comfortable and also efficient. There might be a slight difference in the price between a diesel turbo and the gasoline one, but the efficiency makes up for this cost.
  • The life of an engine with a diesel turbo works out three times more as compared to the one running on gasoline. A diesel turbo accumulates almost 375,000 miles before you need to spend on the rebuild. The gasoline one accumulates only 125,000 miles. This fuel has its own lubricants and thus tends to be heavier. An engine running with diesel turbo tends to have few parts which are moving. In case of any repairs you can opt for the reconditioned parts instead of the costly new ones as it saves a lot of money.
  • As compared to engines running on gas, diesel turbo has more torque and horse power. These engines tend to maintain the power while moving. Those who require their vehicles for hauling, anything, on a regular basis, this option is ideal.
  • As the ignition system of diesel turbo is simple they require less maintenance. They tend to be more reliable and strong due to the thermal efficiency.

Maintenance of Turbo Diesel

Following are some tips about maintenance of diesel turbo that can save you from costly repairs.

  1. The diesel turbo engine ignition requires heat which is compressed. As we know the fuel is not sufficient to do so. The inspection of the glow plugs is essential for this.
  2. To ensure that the diesel turbo is maintained, you need to make sure that you do not race the engine after starting your car. A gap of around 10 seconds is essential for the engine oil to reach the turbo.
  3. Maintain the cooling system on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that turbo diesels tend to run on pressure which is highly compressed, generating extreme heat. You need the cooling system to maintain the temperature and keep up the efficiency of this system.
  4. Ensure the change of the diesel turbo oil on a regular basis. This is because of the deposits of carbon which gets accumulated over a period of time in the oil. This causes a hindrance to the transfer of the required heat. This can also disturb the cooling function of the oil.
diesel turbo

Diesel Turbo

Keeping the above factors in mind, ensure you opt for the right diesel turbo in accordance to your requirement. You can search for this online as you have manufacturers listing their products here. This offers you the freedom to choose according to your budget. Comparing the different turbo diesels, you have a fair idea of the different features.  All that is required is a little time and effort to make the right choice.

7 Effective Tips on Servicing Heavy Equipment

Heavy machinery is usually the main component of various industries. These are expensive and need maintenance regularly to avoid in additional costs at the later stage of use. There are lots of uses of such machinery; hence they have to be kept in the best condition possible so they do not stop working while in the middle of the project. In order to make sure that heavy equipment is serviced properly, it is very important to schedule sessions of preventive maintenance. Some tips are listed below to ensure that the heavy-duty machines function optimally.

Heavy equipment service

Heavy Equipment Service

Ensuring That the Maintenance Is Routine

Conducting heavy equipment service checks helps in maintaining the continuity of the machine with respect to expected performance of the machinery. Non-scheduled maintenance and ad hoc repair jobs typically result in human error.

Using the Right Kind of Tools

For heavy equipment service, it is very important to map the equipment to the right kind of task, including composition of the material, effects of the climate and many more. Similarly, it is of utmost importance to ensure that equipment accessories like ploughs and buckets are very specific to the machine. This factor is very important because the crew’s safety comes into question here and one cannot get away with the help of guesswork. In addition to this, checking all the parts of the machinery before using it is a good practice. When the parts are to be replaced, one should make sure that correct parts are chosen.

Care Should Be Taken to Ensure That the Machines Are Not Overworked

For heavy equipment service, extreme care should be taken to ensure that the equipment’s performance limitations should not be breached. Also, it is a good practice to reduce the travel and idle time of a machinery to improve the machinery’s shelf life.

Storage of The Machinery

During the process of performing heavy equipment service checks, storing the machinery is an important factor that needs to be kept in mind as well. Every large machine should be stored in a place that is free from any kind of moisture. This helps in keeping the equipment secure from water, which often leads to corrosion and rusting.

Knowledge of The Machinery

Every person who is in contact or who is scheduled to be in contact needs to be trained thoroughly about the safety options and hazards related to the entire machine. This ensures the fatal accidents can be minimized in shop floors where such machinery is used.

Ensuring That the Machine Is Well Lubricated

If the machine parts are not lubricated, eventually the parts will fail at one time. In the absence of proper lubrication, the machinery parts can cause a lot of friction, which in turn causes extreme wear to the machinery. When the machine shows a lot of wear and tear, it means that the machine can break down quickly. Lubrication should be considered as important and technical.

  • If very little lubrication is used, the moving parts won’t operate smoothly.
  • If too much lubrication is used, the machinery may lose a lot of energy, issues with seals may arise, and a lot of grease might get accumulated.

Cleaning the Machinery

Heavy equipment contains parts that are fit with filters and seals to keep the dirt out of areas that are considered sensitive. Hence, broken seals should be immediately replaced, the breathers should be cleaned, and filters should be inspected and cleaned from all the dirt.

One method that can be used to keep the machinery clean is to store it in a building. The building should be free from any kind of leaks.

In addition to these mentioned factors, extreme care should be given to the wiring of the heavy equipment. Sometimes the heavy workload has the potential to cut the wires and cords. To prevent hazards, the ramps must be insulated heavily around the cords. Overall, heavy equipment service checks should not be taken lightly and should be carried out with utmost care.