Various Kinds of Crushed Rocks and The Ways to Use Them in The Garden

Large rocks are broken down and crushed into pebbles to form crushed rocks. This is done with the help of certain machinery, and rocks in different size variations are thereby stored in proper packets. Then these are sold and used in the garden for decorative purposes. Well, the application of crushed rock is not just decorative but it serves various functions. A company specializing in garden supplies can offer you several variations in crushed rock. The price of the rocks depends on the type of rock it is.

Are you willing to buy crushed rock for your garden area? If you do not have a large selection of rocks in the garden center or home, you need to find a reliable garden specialty store or outlet to buy the crushed rock. Stones are available in different colors but you may be willing to buy the rocks in some specific color. There are plenty of options in crushed stone. Each varies in terms of size, color and the look they create. Rock crushing is also used in aggregate industry, mining, landscaping, and in the construction sector.

crushed rock lysterfield

Crushed Rock

The Types of Crushed Rocks

Crushed rocks are made from various kinds of rocks and different materials. You may settle for the one which appeals to you. Each kind of crushed rock has its own features and specifications. Some of the popular kinds are basalt rocks, bluestone, limestone, and granite. Among all the kinds of rocks, bluestone is certainly the common one. The kind of gravel is used in most of the applications. You may find it in various sifted sizes meant for several applications. The standard size of the crushed rock may be the 3/4th inch, 5/8th inch, 2 ½, and 1 ½ inch.

The crushing process is dependent on several factors. The crushing ratio and the size are dependent on the strength of the material, the hardness of the material, its shape, size, and the density. The force, which is applied to crush the rock, should be great. Only when the strength is great, the binding force is overcome. There is the great binding force between the rock particles. The rock undergoes three stages in the meanwhile:

  • The stage of splintering
  • The crushing stage and
  • The compaction stage
crushed rock dandenong

Crushed Rock

The Various Applications or Usages of Crushed Rock

There are various kinds of crushed rocks and each type of crushed rock has its application and use. If you want crushed rocks for walking trails, you need to look for finely crushed rocks. Rocks that are smaller or are crushed smaller are used in the driveways, patio, and septic system. The rocks in medium sizes are laid on drainage ditches, the gardens, and job sites. Large sized crushed rocks are used on the quarry sites for a larger operation. Aggregate crushed rocks are used in the construction of roads. Along with the rocks, sand, and other items may also be used. 

From Where Can You Buy Crushed Rocks?

There are many sellers of crushed rocks. You have to discuss out the purpose of buying the crushed rock to avail the right item. When it comes to crushed rock, it is usually sold as per the cubic yard. You may contact the company or the seller to know about the cubic yard of the rock. Besides, you may also avail it from landscape nurseries. They sell both crushed rock and sand for a variety of applications.

A professional company for crushed rock can offer you every kind of crushed stone that you may be looking for. To find the names of the bestseller, you can refer to the yellow pages. The rocks are used profusely in dry landscaping.


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