Important Factors to Consider When Selecting Office Tinting

When a window film is glued to window glass, window tint is created. Window film is made of polyester and along with that, some tinting agents such as metals, ceramics, dyes, etc., are placed on the film. Window tinting is basically the process of applying thin film to window glass using a special kind of adhesive. Excessive exposure to heat or light can be harmful. It can cause skin related issues and eye damage. But, nobody can keep wearing skin protection and sunglasses all the time. Apart from that, excessive heat can also damage the office furniture and it leads to some level of moisture accumulation inside your office premises. Privacy is also very important for any office, because when you conduct some meeting in your chamber and boardroom, you need to continue with your dealing and conversations privately. In such cases, window tinting is the best policy to protect your privacy level inside the office, and you can also apply it on the large glass wall and large sized glass partitions. 

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office tinting

Office Tinting

Why do you install the window tinting in your office?

Along with offering privacy and safety, window tint also saves electricity. If you ever lived in hot and humid areas, you will know how the summer heat can raise the temperature in your home and work place. In such situations, air conditioning becomes necessity for living, thereby increasing your electric bills. Now you can save this energy consumption bill in your office by installing the window tinting. It can block the sunrays during summer and it can keep your rooms cool all the time.

How to Choose a Proper Office Tint Solution?

In today’s market, choosing a perfect office tint solution can be overwhelming and challenging as well. The first thing you’ve to do is understand your need. Whatever the goal is, it is very important to understand the window tint options that you have. Consider the following points to make sure you choose a proper tint solution for your office:

  • Know Your Goal: As we all know; different window film products are made to serve different purposes. Before choosing film for office tinting, determine which kind of window film is right for your office. Once you decide this, you can contact any certified dealer for further information. Usually, films that block UV rays would be a good choice for office tint solution, because along with offering comfort, it protects office interiors and furnishings as well.
  • Compare Performance Characteristics: Once you determine your goal, you should start comparing performance characteristics.  As a customer, you need to read the product specification before buying window films. For example, if you want to buy an energy efficient office tinting solution, you have to check VLT (Vision Light Transmission), higher the VLT, better the efficiency. In addition, to save more energy during winter, go for window films with low U-values.
  • Get In-House Estimation: The final step is to get in-house estimation. Once you’ve chosen product brand, get in touch with trained dealer. He will evaluate the infrastructure and give you the final quote for window film and installation process.
office window tinting

Office Window Tinting

Once you interpret your goals, found a perfect office tinting solution, and hired an experienced and qualified contractor, you and your employees are ready to enjoy the numerous benefits that window tint has to offer. It is suggested to ask for the quote from different companies for installing the office window tinting. Office premises are mostly designed with large sized glass window, glass wall and glass partition. You can apply the tinting on all of these glass bases and enhance the interior decoration of your office.

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