A Glimpse into Various Kinds of Cranes and Their Benefits

Cranes are meant to carry heavy loads. While modern cranes are technologically advanced and capable of handling immense amount of loads, cranes have been in use since the Roman times. Different types of tasks require different kinds of cranes. For instance, if you want to lift weights in an area that is not easily accessible, a mobile crane would perhaps be best suited to your needs.

crane hire

Crane Hire

Here are the different kinds of cranes available in the market today.

The Different Crane Types

  • Truck mounted cranes- These types of cranes are often used due to their great mobility. They are attached on a rubber tire truck, which uses outriggers that have the ability to extend both in vertical and horizontal directions. The outriggers help in stabilizing the crane at the time of loading materials.
  • Mobile crane- These cranes come with a steel truss, which is attached to a mobile platform. This platform can be attached to any type of truck including wheeled and rail. The truss here is joined at the bottom, which can be further lowered or elevated through hydraulic cylinders.
  • Telescopic crane- This type of crane looks the giant of all. Telescopic cranes have various tubes fitted inside in the boom. The boom is shortened and extended by the hydraulic mechanism in these types of cranes.
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  • Tower crane- While talking about this type of crane, it is the best kind of balance crane. This type of crane offers the finest lifting and height capabilities, as it gets fixed to the ground. Tower cranes play a great role in constructing tall buildings or skyscrapers.
  • Rough terrain crane- This terrain crane is attached to a truck with four rubber tires. It is actually designed to be used off the roads. To level the crane and stabilize it, the outriggers extend in horizontal and vertical directions. They have only one engine, which means that a single engine is utilized to power the undercarriage.
  • Loader crane- It is basically used to load the materials on the trailer. It is powered hydraulically and has an articulated arm. The best part is that loader crane has the feature to be folded into different sections. It can easily be fitted into small spaces when not in use. Due to this feature, it is highly recommended by the concerned experts.

Choosing the right type of crane

In order to choose the right crane, it is important that you first analyze your requirement.  For instance, if you are a builder, then you need the finest tower cranes; while rough terrain cranes are perfect if it is an off-road location. In addition to that, you also need to decide whether you want to rent or buy a crane. In most cases, it makes sense to rent a crane, since it lowers your total cost of ownership. However, if you are an organization that works in the public works development area, buying a crane might make more business sense.

crane for hire

Crane for Hire

Similarly, choosing the right crane company is important. When you are renting a crane, look for reputable companies that rent out cranes. Check the condition of the cranes. They should be well-maintained. You could also ask for the amount of hours the crane has been in the field. It will give you an idea of the kind of wear and tear the crane has been through.

If you are buying a crane, you can buy it directly from a manufacturer in most cases. Here again, reputation precedes the issue of cost.

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