Commercial Curtains and Their Different Varieties Available

Just the way you would love to decorate your home, when it comes to your office, your preference would naturally be to adorn it in the best possible way and give it the ultimate pro look. Commercial curtains change the entire décor of your workplace, as any client visiting your office, may actually get an exact taste of your culture and personality, when they look at the interior decoration in your office.  However, you must remember that you should avoid heavy or dark curtain fabrics for your office if there is space crunch since those could make a small space claustrophobic. And when it comes to office setups, you have to look for the right kind of commercial curtains.  You could either want o give your workplace a classical look or a very contemporary finish. Depending upon the style you are looking for, you can search from the different online portals, where you get curtains at a discount price.

curtains Carnegie

Commercial Curtains

Large options to choose from:

There can be a vivid range of options when it comes to commercial curtains.  While it is important to make your office look attractive, controlling the ingress of light is another crucial reason behind choosing curtains for the office. Curtains for your office window could be made from a number of materials and fabrics. You could consider the following options while choosing the curtains for your office.

  • Box pleated curtains come with a tailored look. These curtains drape into folds and the box shape tends to line up one after another. This gives a very formal, sophisticated and pleated look, which would undoubtedly make a commercial place look prim and proper. For an office lounge, or an extended lobby, these curtains have a great appeal.
  • If you are looking for some commercial curtains, which can be hung on curtain rods that are really slender, then you could choose curtains with a simple cased heading. This kind of curtains are made of light fabrics and are generally neither opened and nor closed frequently. Your office room needs to have a slender rod for hanging such stylish curtains. With a formal seating arrangement in the office setup, this type of curtains would be the best since these are rarely opened and closed.
  • When you prefer to have curtains made of medium of lightweight fabrics, you could fog or eyelet curtains. Such curtains have silver rings at the header and a rod is found to weave through those. You could easily hang your curtains and the free flowing style gives a comfortable look. You could open and close them randomly as and when you wish to maximize and minimize the ingress of external light. Eyelet curtains when made of formal fabrics look extremely contemporary and can be perfect for office setups.
curtains Mount Waverley

Commercial Curtains

Great combination of style and utility:

  • When you want to have maximum light coming inside your office cabin, you would surely opt for sheer curtains. These are those commercial curtains, which let maximum entry of light and give you minimum privacy.  If you want the stylish finish of sheer curtains and also want to enjoy privacy, you could opt to hang these over window blinds. This way all the purposes would be fulfilled successfully. Light would also come in and the visibility of the interior of your room also be reduced drastically.
  • Another very common type of commercial curtains can be the curtains with loops, rings and tabs hanging on curtain rods.  These curtains could have different lengths depending upon the requirement. However if you want o have long curtains, then you should select either medium weight or lightweight fabrics.

Moreover, you must remember that if you want to make the window of your office room look larger, you could use the trick of hanging these commercial curtains quite high above the windows.


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